MTN Cameroon (MTN) whose registered office is located at 360 Rue Drouot

Akwa, BP 15574 Douala, is organizing a game entitled “MTN BOSS” [the

Game], from 19 November 2021 at 08(hours) 00 minutes to 15 February 2022, at 23h59 minutes [the Game Period] throughout the national territory.


Participation in the Game is open only to any MTN Cameroon subscriber, registered on the MTN GO, MTN Pro control, MTN Extra tariff plans and to post-paid subscribers (subscribers who pay their consumption by invoice). For postpaid subscribers only MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) transactions are taken into account in accordance with Article 3 of the Regulation.

The subscriber, also known as the “Participant” or “Customer” must reside in Cameroon.

The Participant is identified from the number by which he registers for the Game. He may therefore only participate with the numbers duly registered in his name (maximum 03, as stipulated by Article 04 of Decree No. 2015/3759 of 03 September 2015 setting the terms and conditions for identifying subscribers and electronic communications terminal equipment).

Unless otherwise specified in these rules, only the person whose identity document is duly registered in MTN Cameroon’s identification database shall be considered to have participated in the Game.

Any eligible customer is entered into the Game without any formality, subject to his or her de-registration in accordance with these rules.

The following are excluded from participation in the Game:

⦁    Minor subscribers ;

⦁    Employees of MTN CAMEROON and its affiliates

⦁         Members of the nuclear families of MTN CAMEROON employees and

its affiliates (parents, children, brothers and sisters)

⦁ The staff of the office of Mr. KAMTCHUING Octavi, Court Bailiff at the Littoral Court of Appeal and the Courts of Douala P.O. Box: 2261 Tel:

⦁ Brand Ambassadors” under contract with MTN, Distribution partners or Mobile Money agents.

⦁    Permanent    and      temporary      staff    of         MTN’s               service              providers (EasyGroup, Brand & Consumer, MW DDB, Open solutions) working in the back office or in the field

⦁    Any person directly involved in its organization.


Regarding packages. All packages purchased for a minimum of 250F make the customer eligible for daily winnings and the draw. These include, but are not limited to:

⦁    SMS plans : *148#

⦁    Internet packages :

⦁    Mobile Surf : *157# ⦁    Wanda Net : *123*10# ⦁         Calling Plans :

⦁    MTN Plus : *222#

⦁    MTN Magic: *211#

⦁    MTN Wanda : *123*11#

⦁    MTN Go Plan *123*12#

⦁    MTN YaMo: *220#

⦁    MTN Non-Stop

⦁    MTN Kathir

⦁    Starter kit : *123*11#

⦁    International package: *123*13#

⦁    Roaming package : *123*15#

⦁    Voice package : *123*16#

Any other MTN package that is offered to the customer during the play period

The purchase of the package remains valid regardless of the purchase channel: USSD (e.g. *123*11#), via Mobile Money at *126#, via MyMTN, via an IVR, via MTN Boost at Callboxes. ⦁ Concerning Mobile Money transactions.

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) transactions are eligible for values of 5,000F minimum. They will be mainly transactions of the following types

⦁    Cash out

⦁    Money transfers

⦁    Invoice payments

⦁    Payments for products/services

⦁    Wallet to bank

Cash-in and Bank to wallet transactions are not eligible in this Game.


⦁ Instant prizes: For any purchase of a package of 250F minimum or for eligible Mobile Money transactions the customer receives a random bonus MTN calls, internet or smartphone.

⦁ Daily lots:  Every day a Client wins a plot of land of about 250m2 located in Douala or Yaoundé and valued at 2.5 million, including notary and transaction fees.

⦁    Super prize: a Customer wins the sum of 20 million FCFA

⦁ Ayoba prizes: On 15 December 2021 and 05 January 2022, special draws will be held to give one Ayoba user the chance to win a plot of land.

  Instant batches Land Super lots Total
  Communication credit / data Smartphones
Unit value of the


Calls with a value between 250F and 10,000F

Data worth between 50MB and

10 GB

On average



2 ,500,000F

20 ,000,000F  
Number of winners Depending on the number of

users of eligible offers

1,250 96 1  
    55,000,000F 240,000,000F 20,000,000F 315 , 000,



5.1  Selection of winners

The selection of the winners differs according to the type of prize:

⦁    Instant prizes :

Winners are automatically identified after an eligible transaction and automatically receive a random bonus of MTN calls, internet volume or a smartphone.

⦁    Daily lots (land) :

The winner will be selected in a random draw from the list of all Customers who have completed an eligible transaction during the Game day (00:00 to 23:59).

A Participant may not win more than one daily prize (the lot) during the Play Period.

In order to ensure a national distribution of winners across the country, MTN reserves the right to allocate winners by region and to reserve draws for participants from a region.

⦁    Super Prize (20 Million Win):

The winner will be selected in a random draw from a list of all Customers who have made an eligible transaction during the Game Period as set out in

Clause 1 and who have been on the MTN network for at least 01 year.

⦁    Ayoba lots :

The sole winner of the period will be selected in a random draw from the list of all Customers who have used the Ayoba application during the Game Period stipulated in Article 1 and who have been on the MTN network for at least 1 year.

5.2 Conduct of the draws (Daily and Super prize draws)

Every Saturday (December 15, 2021 and January 5, 2022 for the Ayoba prizes), a mediatized draw will be held in the presence of a bailiff, who will draw up the minutes, to determine the winners of the daily prizes for the game week [Wednesday to Tuesday].

One main winner and several alternates are drawn each week.

After the draw, the main winners will be called 03 times in the presence of the bailiff.

In the event of silence or refusal of the prize within 12 hours after the first notification, the bailiff will draw up a report withdrawing the main winner and the alternates, in the order of drawing, will be called successively by a maximum of 3 times, until one of the winners reacts and accepts his/her prize in accordance with the provisions of these Contest Rules.

The Participants (main or alternate) who have reacted favourably to the notifications according to the above-mentioned procedure, will win one of the lots at stake, valued at approximately 2,500,000F.

The same mechanism will be followed to determine the winner of the 20 Million Super Prize.


  1. Instantaneous batches

Instant win prizes will be received by participants within minutes of the eligible transaction being confirmed by SMS. The winner will be able to query their balance by dialling the code 160*99#.

  1. Daily batches

Winners who have confirmed acceptance of their prizes following notification as set out in clause 5.2, will be invited to meet the MTN team at a location specified by MTN or agreed with MTN for an interview, photo and video session.

Winners will also be required to make themselves available for television broadcasts with MTN on national or international channels during the Game Period. Refusal to participate in any of these sessions will automatically result in a refusal of the prize, thereby entitling the next alternate to be called on the draw report.

Furthermore, any delay of more than 2 hours or any unjustified absence on the agreed day of the prize-giving ceremony will be considered as a refusal of the prize on the part of the winner, thereby entitling the next substitute to be called on the draw report.

The prize will be symbolically given to the winner at the end of the photo and video session.

Thereafter, the transactions for the transfer of the land will be done before a notary, in the presence of each winner.

From that moment on, the risk and ownership of the land are transferred to the winner who will assume full responsibility for it.

At any time prior to and 5 years after handover, MTN reserves the right to photograph, video and work on the land for commercial and servicing purposes

The winner agrees to keep the MTN signage on the field for a period of 05 years for promotional purposes.

After the prize has been handed over to the winner, all additional administrative and logistical procedures are the responsibility of the winner.

The Super Prize will be awarded in the form of a cheque to the winner following the official media presentation ceremonies as indicated in Article

6 .b.

⦁    Special Rules for Daily and Super Lots

Prior to the delivery of the prize, the identity of the winner will be verified. In the event of a discrepancy between the identification of the number recorded in MTN’s databases and the identification of the user of the number who carried out the eligible transaction, the draw will be cancelled as far as he is concerned. The bailiff will draw up a report disqualifying the main winner and the alternates, in the order of the draw, will be called successively by a maximum of 3 times, until one of the winners reacts and accepts his/her prize in accordance with the provisions of these Game rules.

ARTICLE 7: Deregistration from the Game

To unsubscribe from the Campaign, the participant types the code *160*0# free of charge. After a successful deactivation, an SMS confirming his exit from the Game is sent to him.

Participants/subscribers may call Customer Service at 8787 to receive instructions on the Game and more information.


MTN Cameroon shall be the sole arbiter of any dispute relating to the Game. MTN’s computer systems will be the sole evidence for all matters relating to the Game.

Only disputes notified to MTN in writing one (01) month at the latest after the last daily draw will be admissible.  *

In the event of obvious fraud during the Game, MTN reserves the right to automatically suspend the Participants concerned and to take legal action against them.

Participants irrevocably waive any claim for compensation against MTN Cameroon for any possible delay in the organisation of the Game, as well as for any malfunction or error due to hardware failure and/or due to the computer system, or due to any other circumstance beyond the control of MTN Cameroon.

If necessary, MTN Cameroon will take all the necessary measures to remedy any blocking situation.

The prizes in kind are delivered and received as they are, without any guarantee from MTN. Any defects in the prizes in kind are the responsibility of the supplier.

MTN Cameroon’s liability to the participant, if judicially established, shall not exceed three times the cost of his/her participation in the Game.


Participation in the Game implies unreserved acceptance of the rules and any amendments thereto.

Participation in the Game automatically entails a waiver of image rights and also gives the right to use the participants’ words and statements. Therefore, the winner freely authorizes MTN Cameroon to publish his/her photographs, words and statements collected in the framework of the Game at any time, wherever necessary, and on any medium.

By accepting their prizes, the winners authorise MTN Cameroon to use their images, surnames, first names, words and statements in any publicity and promotional event relating to this Campaign without this use giving rise to any consideration other than the prize won, and this for a maximum period of ten (10) years. At the end of this period, the images and voices of the Participants may be used for historical purposes.

Refusal to surrender the right to the image will automatically lead to refusal of the prize and will therefore give the right to appeal to the deputies.

The winners renounce to claim from MTN Cameroon, MTN or its subsidiaries any compensation resulting from a prejudice caused by the acceptance and/or the use of the prize.


The information resulting from the systems of MTN Cameroon shall have evidential value in any dispute or claim relating to the Game.

Participants agree not to contest the validity or probative value of these elements if they are produced as evidence by MTN Cameroon in the context of a litigation procedure.

The winners authorize all verifications concerning the information provided to MTN Cameroon. Any fraud shall automatically lead to the elimination of the winner and the nullity of all his/her entries, without prejudice to legal proceedings.


Participants will be automatically disqualified if they have been involved in a fraudulent transaction in the context of MTN Cameroon’s activities, even if not related to the Game.


MTN Cameroon reserves the right, if circumstances so require, to shorten, modify or cancel the Game. It shall not be held responsible for this.

If any provision(s) of these Rules is (are) held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. MTN will amend the Rules to replace the invalid or unlawful provisions.

The rules may be amended at any time in the form of a rider, which will be published in the same manner as the main rules.


These rules are deposited at the office of Maître Kamtchuing Octavi, Huissier de justice, located at Boulevard Ahmadou Ahidjo, next to the General Management of Total Akwa, BP: 2261 Douala, Tel: 233 43 85 46.

It will also be published on the website

Any Participant will be deemed to have read and accepted the rules or their amendments by the mere fact of participating in the Game,

Any Participant who does not agree with the modification(s) made must withdraw from the Game.


The Game is governed by Cameroonian law. Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably shall be submitted for arbitration to the GICAM Mediation and Arbitration Centre in Douala.

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