How does it work ?

The MTN Boss promotion will run from November 19, 2021 to February 15, 2021.

  • All MTN prepaid customers registered on the GO, Extra and also Pro Control price plans are eligible. (Dial *170*0# to check the tariff plan).
  • Postpaid subscribers are also eligible for the promo, but only on the basis of their
    MoMo transactions.
  • New subscribers are also eligible to the promo as soon as they are activated on the
  • There are two possibilities:
    Either, buy a bundle of 250F minimum (regardless of the customer’s bundle)
    – Main bundles : MTN Plus (*222#) & MTN Wanda Net (*123*10#)
  • Or, make a MoMo transaction of 5,000F minimum (*126#)
    – Eligible transactions: Cash out, in-store product payment, P2P money transfer, bill payment, tax
    payment, Wallet to Bank…
    – Ineligible transactions: Cash In, Bank to wallet

After an eligible transaction, the customer can win :

  1. Instant bonuses after each eligible transaction (250F & 5000F MoMo bundles)
  2. I land title every day (90 land titles in play)
  3. I Smartphone every hour (between 8am and 10pm), over 1200 winners
  4. A surprise prize at the end of the promotion

The customer receives his bonus by SMS just after making an eligible transaction (250F
bundles or 5000F MoMo) :

  • The bonus can be airtime : between 250F and 10000F for MTN calls
  • It can be data : between 100MB and 1OGB of internet volume.

The bonus must be activated before being used by dialing the code *160#. Bonus balance : *160*99#
The bonus is valid until 23 :59 of the day the customer receives it. (except for the 10GB bonus
which is valid for 48 hours)
Bonuses are given for transactions between 8am and 10pm. However, outside of these hours,
transactions are still eligible For the draws.

  • The customer receives wining notification on his phone via SMS after an eligible
    transaction between 8am and I0pm.
  • He/she is then called by MTN who will give him/her an appointment at MTN branch to
    collect the phone.
  • Draw for the lands
    – A televised draw will take place every Friday on Canal 2 and on the MTN
    Cameroon Facebook page at 9pm to identify the winners of the previous week.
    – At the end of the draws the winners are called via 8787
  • Where are the lands located ?
    40 pieces of land are located in Yaounde in the Bankomo area & 50 others are located in
    Douala in the Kendeck area.
    These areas are in full development, they are electrified, and industries have bought plots
  • Who handles the land title?
    Once the customer has been drawn, MTN gives them a letter of commitment and a promise
    to purchase signed by the Notary and MTN handles all the Formalities and fees until they
    obtain their land title.
Stay tuned to discover this lot and especially make eligible transactions!

The terms & conditions are available, registered at the office of Me Kamtchuing Octavie,Hussier de justice and avaible on the here.

Become a Boss with MTN!